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About Us

Actually, this is about me, but given the multiple personalities of most bi-Genders, I suppose, about 'us' works too.

We, the bi-gendered have important gifts to give our brothers and sisters. We have insight into both gender experiences. We understand the problems of sexual orientation and relationships from a unique perspective.

In other cultures and times we were neither reviled nor persecuted. 

On the contrary, we were considered an important cultural and spiritual resource- In the Greek tradition, divinely blessed by the "marriage of Hermes and Aphrodite" - In the Native American tradition "two-spirited"

And our understanding of men and women made us counselors to our brothers and sisters  of the earth and smiled upon by the gods.

And our empathy towards others made us valuable in our "ministries", regardless of faith.

Today and in the western world, most bi-genders feel cursed because of the affliction that makes them different. 

The genetic and behavioral quirk that makes us part what we were born as, but more, that which we wish to become is not seen as a gift.

Some of us are straight, but are marginalized by the straight community. Some of us are gay and are marginalized by the gay community. Some of us are lesbian and are marginalized by the lesbian community.

The western medical community is still divided on  whether to classify us as mentally or psychologically diseased.

Most courts continue to regard the bi-gendered as unfit parents.

And even by the more liberal elements of society we are defined  as somehow perverse or missing something.

The bi-gendered of today's world have one of the shortest life spans of any marginalized group.

At the extreme, the bi-gendered are killed by 'johns' or lovers or gay bashers.

But more tragically, many...too many die at their own hands. Rejected by those they love, unable to see how they can live honestly...they choose to murder themselves.

The remainder? Too often they endure the "quiet death"  living a life of quiet desperation. Smothering the gifts that make them special.

This is wrong, and I reject it.

Our empathy is a gift. 

We have reason to be proud.